Made to measure minimalist pavilions
Vilarte is a Belgian design brand founded in 2020 by Veerle Claerhout and Pieter De Vylder, two commercial engineers with a soft spot for design.
Vilarte encourages people to escape the rush of everyday life and reconnect with themselves and their surroundings. The company creates minimalistic outdoor spaces that function as luxurious one-of-a-kind hideaways. developed a high-end brand identity in line with these bespoke pavilions, designed by stefan.schö​​
Full strategy and branding by As part of the design team, I was responsible for the case movie and motion design. ​​​​​​​full case here
The logo is based on the black steel frame of Vilarte’s pavilions. Just as the frame lifts the space, literally and figuratively, the extended ‘I’ and ‘T’ shape lift the logo. 
The Vilarte icon serves as an autograph. It symbolizes the connection between man and nature.

The monolith
We developed a strong grid as a base for the visual system. The monolith is an essential component of our identity. This pronounced vertical shape reaches out into the sky in search of something higher, something quintessential.
Furthermore, the grid’s liquidity refers to the fact that every pavilion is tailored to the personal needs of its future resident.

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