Highlighting a drag queen legacy
Le Grand Café is a Brussels based café with quite the history. Situated in a 19-century building designed by Emile Janlet, the café didn’t only look eclectic on the outside. The soul of the place was extravagant too thanks to the infamous drag queen shows that were held there.
The café’s rich drag heritage encouraged us to explore the art of drag. The craft and devotion that go into it, the ability to express yourself and the theatricality of it all is fascinating. It inspired us to highlight Le Grand Café’s legacy in the interior design of the diner.

Illustrations and design by wewantmore.studio. Full case here
No real make-up for these queens though, they are made up out of different marbles, brushed brass, plexiglass, velour, leather and punctured metal.
Although performing in drag is about more than putting on some make-up, it is an element that illustrates the true artistry of a queen. And so, we created three extravagant drag queen portraits to feature the walls of the space.​​​​​​​

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