The Missing Link
Loop Link is a tug-resistant connector cord with a magnetic closure that snaps around the neck and attaches to the Loop earplugs. My role as a motion designer was to produce a 3D animation that showcases the design and functionality of Loop Link, as well as the manufacturing process.
My first step in any motion design project is to create a storyboard. This allows me to visualize the flow and structure of the video, and to communicate my ideas clearly with the rest of the team.
The most challenging part was definitely finding how the cord is being braided. Using a reference video of the actual braiding machine, and some Google work on braiding schematics, I figured out how I could recreate this in Cinema.
This project was a great learning experience for me as a motion designer. I enjoyed working with the Loop Earplugs team and creating a realistic and appealing representation of their product in 3D space. I’m proud of how the video turned out and how it helped Loop Earplugs launch their new product successfully. Thank you for watching and I hope you liked it.

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