Huis Gemaakt
“Huis Gemaakt” (Home made home) is a reality show on VTM where passionate couples use their renovation skills to transform a neglected property into their dream home. The ultimate prize? A completely free home!
Hosted by Dina Tersago, the show follows the couples’ adventurous journey, while an expert jury comprising Bart AppeltansBéa Vandendael, and Cerina Marchetta closely monitors their progress.
Collaborating closely with Sabouge, I designed and animated the 3D logo that became the heart of the show's campaign. The eye-catching visual was seen on billboards across Belgium, online and on social media. While the animated logo took center stage in it's TV commercials and in all the episodes intros and outro'.
As an extra to the main show, there was also "Huis Gesmaakt". A online series where each week, host Bart Appeltans opens a mysterious door, revealing the interior of a celebrity’s home. Armed only with the visual cues provided by the decor, Bart faces the ultimate question: Who lives here?
Taking the same design cues from the main show, we translated the logo to match the show.

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