Ellis was one of the first players to enter the fast casual food industry and master in serving hella good burgers. F*ck all conventions, fast food cán be premium. For the years following, Ellis dominated the Belgian, French and Dutch markets.

Now, 10 years later, the demand has changed. With more diets than anyone can keep up with, just burgers was no longer going to cut it. So out with the old and in with the new. The new Ellis is born. Offering food for meat-lovers, vegans and vegetarians alike and with a new visual identity that breaks all ties with the old Ellis.

A set of tattoos was designed to really break with the old “just burgers” focus of Ellis. Both meat and veggies find their place on the new menu. No boring green salads or beans in disguise, but veggies treated like veggies. These designs will be tattooed on leather to be used in the interior of the restaurants. Making veggies look cool.

To tease "The New Ellis" I shot, edited and animated a short video for social media, as wel as the case movie for wewantmore.studio. The complete strategy and brand design was done by WeWantMore.studio,

Full branding case here.

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