Creating live-lasting moments
For Sportpaleis Group - one of Belgium’s largest live-entertainment groups that connects Sportpaleis, Lotto Arena, Stadsschouwburg, Capitole Gent, Vorst Nationaal, Trixxo Arena, Trixxo Theater and Proximus Pop-up Arena - created a new name and energetic branding. The name be•at is a literal call to be at one of the 8 venues of the group and to be part of unforgettable live experiences. With the new identity they united the iconic arenas and theaters under the new group brand be•at, while maintaining their uniqueness.

The complete strategy and brand design is done by, where I was part of the team and responsible for all the motion design and animated content.
Vibrant atoms
Taking inspiration from birds flying together in swarms, almost like a living organism itself. We used this idea to create the identity concept. Vibrant atoms are attracted to a central element, as if they were magnetically drawn to it, in the same way spectators are drawn to a concert or event. This motion inspired design concept is translated to a system, uniting the iconic arenas and theaters under the new be•at group brand. These atoms can be used in a wide range of constellations, creating icons that are used for each one of the sub brands.

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