A designer's mindset
The coronavirus has shaken up society to its core, driving people to rethink everything from socialising, working, travelling to shopping and working out. While the COVID-19 crisis is still peaking in some parts of the world, in others a post-corona society is gradually taking shape. A new normal needs to be defined. What it will be like? Well, that’s tricky part. Nobody knows at this point. What’s clear is that a new set of rules will alter the playing field substantially in the coming months. Social distancing, mandatory face masks and contact tracing just to name a few. Unknown territory? Yes, but so were the internet, mobile phones and social media in their early days.
We believe it’s all about adopting a designer’s mindset when it comes to dealing with this altered reality. Rather than seeing restrictions, look for opportunities to challenge the status quo and rethink traditional roles. Take things apart, reinvent them and make them relevant again within the new normal. Figuratively, as well as literally.
My part in the project was the photography of the masks, which were featured on multiple international websites and blogs, including highsnobiety, designboom, business insider, and many more.
Concept and design by wewantmore.studio. Full story here.
"This lockdown period didn’t just trigger us to rethink the function of a sneaker, it made us work differently too. We traded in our computer and design software for scissors, needle and thread, which was quite an uncommon switch, since we are used to working digitally. But the act of creating something by hand turned out to be an amusing alternative to clicking a trackpad for once."
"The sneaker masks offer some protection, but we primarily designed them to highlight humanity’s ability to adapt, not to come up with a valid alternative for a clinical face mask. It merely shows how reimagination and creativity can put a positive twist on even the hardest of times."

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